Mamun Core Platform Middleware

Welcome to Mamun's Core Platform Middleware, the engine that drives instant financing solutions, whether it's for crowdfunding, embedded lending, insurance, or payments. Our versatile middleware empowers businesses across various sectors, including banks, telecom companies, startups, and e-commerce ventures, to swiftly deploy cutting-edge fintech products.

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Rapid Product Development:

Leverage our Core Platform Middleware to accelerate the development of fintech products, enabling quicker time-to-market and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Scalability and Customization:

Enjoy the scalability and adaptability of our architecture, allowing seamless scalability and customization of financial products tailored to specific business requirements.

Reliability and Performance:

The robustness of our architecture ensures reliability and high-performance delivery of fintech solutions, meeting the demands of modern financial ecosystems.

How it works:

Key Features:

Instant Financing:

Our middleware specializes in facilitating instant financing solutions, offering a seamless experience for crowdfunding, embedded lending, insurance services, and diverse payment options.

Innovative Technology Backbone

Built on a foundation of meticulously crafted APIs developed from the ground up with Scala, our high-concurrency microservices architecture mirrors reusable rockets. With over 18 modular microservices, this architecture allows for swift and efficient development of fintech products.

Versatility Across Industries

Tailored for banks, telecom companies, startups, and e-commerce businesses, our middleware caters to the unique needs of diverse sectors, ensuring rapid deployment and effective financial solutions.




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