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Explore our FAQ page to swiftly navigate your investment or financing journey with Mamun. Gain confidence with detailed insights on how our Sharia-compliant, high-return opportunities can empower your financial decisions and growth. Let these FAQs be your first step toward informed and successful investing and financing on mamun.

About Mamun

What is mamun crowdfunding?

Mamun Crowdfunding is a licensed platform that connects investors with businesses seeking tailored financing solutions, facilitating high-quality, short-term and long-term financing and investments. We are fully compliant with Sharia law, offering an ethical alternative to conventional financial methods.

Is Mamun registered and licensed in its operating countries?

Yes, Mamun is fully licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Oman (license no. CMI051) to practice crowdfunding activities, ensuring adherence to all local regulations. The Financial Services Authority of Oman allows for the onboarding of investors from anywhere in the world.

Are Mamun's investments and financing operations in compliance with Sharia law?

Absolutely. Mamun strictly adheres to Sharia principles in all financial operations, ensuring that all investments and funding solutions maintain ethical integrity and promote social responsibility. For more information about our Sharia compliance and Sharia Advisor, please see our sharia compliance information Click here

Why choose Mamun over traditional financial institutions?

Mamun offers Sharia-compliant, streamlined, and personalized financial solutions that traditional institutions cannot, including rapid financing, high potential returns, and a connection directly between investors and businesses, with very low investment thresholds (usually a minimum of 50 OMR or $128) and high returns often exceeding 25% annually.

What makes Mamun's investment opportunities unique?

Mamun’s investment opportunities are uniquely tailored to offer high returns (up to 25% annually) through rigorous due diligence, risk assessment, and a focus on Sharia compliance, aligning perfectly with both investor needs and ethical financial practices. We are also completely digital, making your experience seamless and faster.

Why choose Mamun for maximizing wealth and business growth?

Mamun not only provides opportunities to earn significant returns but also facilitates rapid, scalable lending solutions that empower businesses to grow and reach success milestones efficiently and ethically.

General Concerns and Operations

Who can I contact if I have a complaint?

Mamun's dedicated customer service team is available to address any complaints and ensure your concerns are handled promptly. Click at the bottom chat icon and submit a complaint or email us directly at support@mamun.ai.

How does Mamun handle conflicts of interest?

Mamun maintains a transparent approach to managing conflicts of interest, with strict policies to disclose and mitigate any conflicts to protect all client interests.

What emergency measures does Mamun have in place in case of operational disruptions?

Mamun has comprehensive emergency and disaster recovery plans to ensure continuous operation and safeguard client investments under all circumstances.

Why does Mamun collect data from investors and fundraisers?

Data collection is crucial for legal compliance, enhancing user experience, and ensuring investments are appropriately matched to investor profiles and risk preferences.

What are Mamun's expected annual returns for investors?

Investors can expect competitive annual returns up to 25%, sometimes more, depending on the nature of the specific investments and associated risk levels, and investor diversification across opportunities on mamun.

What are the risks associated with private investments on Mamun?

Private investments on Mamun involve risks such as limited liquidity, capital loss, and the specific risks related to individual business ventures. However, Mamun provides detailed risk assessments to help investors make informed decisions. here

How does Mamun ensure investments are Sharia compliant?

Mamun ensures Sharia compliance through rigorous assessment by a dedicated Sharia Advisor, Dr. Saleh Al Kharusi, who oversees all operations and advises on maintaining alignment with Islamic financial principles and contracts

For Investor

Who is eligible to invest through Mamun, and can institutions participate?

Individuals, institutional investors, and even companies can participate in Mamun’s offerings, provided they meet specific registration and compliance requirements.

Is Mamun's financing available only to Omani locals or can anyone around the world participate?

Mamun's investment opportunities are open to both Omani locals and international investors. We welcome participants from around the world who are interested in Sharia-compliant, ethical investments. Each investor's eligibility may be subject to specific regulatory requirements depending on their country of residence.

I have a business outside of Oman; can I apply for financing through Mamun?

Yes, Mamun offers financing solutions to businesses globally, not just in Oman. Our goal is to support Sharia-compliant, ethical business practices worldwide. However, all international financing applications are subject to local laws and regulations, as well as our internal compliance and risk assessment procedures. We encourage you to apply, and our team will review your application based on these criteria.

What does pending approval mean for new investors?

Pending approval indicates that Mamun is in the process of verifying the investor's information and compliance status before granting full access to investment opportunities.

What are the steps after registering as an investor?

After registering, investors complete identity verification, top up their wallets, and can then start investing in selected opportunities, with the platform providing full support and guidance throughout the process.

What returns can investors expect, and when are profits distributed?

Investors can expect returns up to 25% annually, with profit distributions depending on the terms of each investment, typically occurring quarterly or biannually.

How does Mamun assess and indicate the risk associated with each investment?

Mamun uses a comprehensive risk rating system, evaluating factors such as financial health, industry dynamics, the transaction we are financing itself, their Mala’a credit score, and other factors to provide a clear understanding of each investment's risk level.

How can investors monitor their investments, and what features does the Dashboard offer?

Investors can use Mamun’s Dashboard to monitor their investments, their previous transactions, their active investments, expected profits from active investments, and the open and funded opportunities.

What is the minimum investment amount and duration?

The minimum investment amount and duration vary based on specific opportunities, designed to accommodate different investor capacities and project requirements. Usually, the minimum is 50 OMR (or $128), and typically the investment lengths are 3-9 months

Can investments be withdrawn or canceled?

Investments are locked in until the end of the term, with options for early exit under specific conditions as outlined in the investment terms.

How to discover investment opportunities on Mamun?

Investors can explore opportunities directly on Mamun’s platform, via their dashboard, and through notifications.

How can investors add funds to their Wallet, and are there fees for transactions?

Investors can add funds through various payment methods detailed on their account upon sign in, namely via bank transfer or debit/credit cards online, with transaction fees kept to a minimum to ensure accessibility and convenience. Compare our different membership plans for a detailed breakdown of the benefits of each subscription tier

What measures does Mamun take in case a borrower is late on payment or defaults?

Mamun has structured processes for managing late payments and defaults, including negotiated repayment plans and legal actions to protect investor interests.

What collateral does Mamun hold against financed businesses?

Collateral arrangements are tailored to each financing deal, typically involving security cheques, personal guarantees by the owners of the company, revenue assignment, trade credit insurance or other agreed-upon security measures.

What fees are charged to investors, and what actions are taken for delayed or defaulted repayments?

Investor fees are performance-based and disclosed upfront, with specific actions for defaults including structured settlement negotiations and potential legal recourse.

Investor Tips

How do successful investors at Mamun optimize their returns?

Many of our most successful investors strategically diversify their investments and consistently reinvest their earnings across different opportunities offered by Mamun. This approach not only spreads their risks but also allows them to earn returns across varying timelines. By reinvesting their earnings, these investors continually enhance their ability to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise on our platform, maximizing their potential for substantial returns. This strategy is particularly effective in managing and mitigating risks while taking advantage of the compounding effect of reinvestment.

What should I consider before investing in any financial opportunity?

It's crucial to only invest what you can afford to lose, as all investments carry inherent risks. Evaluate your financial stability and ensure that you have sufficient safeguards before committing your funds.

Why is it important to start investing early and reinvest my earnings?

Starting your investment journey early and consistently reinvesting your earnings can significantly benefit from compounded gains over time. This approach allows your investments to grow exponentially as the returns themselves generate further returns.

How can I diversify my investments at Mamun?

Diversifying your portfolio is essential to mitigating risk. At Mamun, you can spread your investments across different sectors and financial products, from short-term finance opportunities to long-term equity projects, each with varying risk levels and potential returns.

What are some key considerations before investing in Sharia-compliant crowd financing platforms like Mamun?

Before investing, understand the principles of Sharia compliance that guide investments, ensuring that the opportunities avoid prohibitive industries such as alcohol and gambling. Evaluate the transparency of the platform, the ethical use of funds, and the potential for both financial and social returns.

What should I look for in a Sharia-compliant investment?

Seek investments that adhere to Islamic finance principles, such as profit-sharing (Mudarabah) and joint ventures (Musharakah) and cost+profit selling (Murabaha). Focus on opportunities that promote positive social impacts and those that are structured to avoid interest (riba) and high uncertainty (gharar).

How can I assess the risk associated with potential investments on Mamun?

Review the detailed risk assessments provided by Mamun, which consider the market dynamics of the industry, financial health of the businesses, and specific deal structures. It's crucial to understand each investment's risk level before committing your funds.

What are the benefits and risks associated with peer-to-peer financing?

Peer-to-peer financing offers higher potential returns compared to traditional savings and bonds and allows investors to diversify their portfolios across multiple financing investments. However, it also involves risks like the possibility of borrower defaults.

How does Mamun handle investor education and support?

Mamun is committed to investor education, providing comprehensive resources that help investors understand various financing products, the risks involved, and the strategies for effective investment. Our platform offers continual support through customer service, detailed project descriptions, and regular updates on investment performance.

For Business

What types of businesses and projects does Mamun finance?

Mamun finances a variety of business needs including invoices, purchase orders, contracts, equipment, inventory, or raw material financing for businesses, focusing on providing swift cash flow solutions.

What is the process for businesses to apply for financing through Mamun?

Businesses can apply digitally, undergo a thorough risk assessment and credit evaluation, and, upon approval, receive financing directly into their accounts. We typically take 2-3 days to give you an offer for financing, once you provide all the information requested.

Does Mamun take a percentage of ownership in funded companies?

Mamun generally structures financial solutions without taking direct ownership, focusing instead on profit shares or other Sharia-compliant return mechanisms.

What are the collateral requirements for financing?

Collateral requirements are tailored based on the specific financial product and the business's needs, ensuring security for investors while being fair to borrowers. These include security cheques, personal guarantees of the owners and in some instances, trade credit insurance.

What are the repayment terms for financing?

Repayment terms are customized to align with the business's cash flow and operational needs, ensuring sustainability and Sharia compliance. These typically are 1-3 installments for the duration of the financing being 3 - 9 months

What fees and profit rates does Mamun charge for its services?

Mamun charges varying fees based on the service type, with clear disclosures provided upfront. Fees are designed to align with the expected returns and risk profiles of the investments.

Subscription Plans and Features

What subscription plans does Mamun offer to investors?

Mamun offers Starter, Professional, and Premium subscription plans, each providing different levels of access to investments, fees, and additional features like a referral reward program, early notifications, and reduced commission rates. For a comparison between the membership tiers, Click here rewards.

How do the subscription plans enhance the investment experience on Mamun?

The subscription plans enhance the investment experience by offering tailored access to exclusive investments, reduced fees, and additional benefits such as personalized insights and rewards.

Secondary Market and Liquidity

What is the Mamun Crowdfunding Secondary Market?

The Mamun Secondary Market provides a platform for investors to buy and sell shares in their investments (whether profit/loss sharing investments, commodities, or equity share investments in private companies), offering liquidity and flexibility to manage their investment portfolios effectively. Learn more about the mamun secondary market Click here

How does buying and selling work on the Mamun Secondary Market?

Investors can list shares for sale or purchase shares offered by others, with transactions facilitated directly through the platform ensuring security and compliance with all regulatory requirements, Click here for more information.

Rewards Program

How does the Mamun Rewards Program work?

The Rewards Program benefits investors by providing discounts on subscription renewals and cash rewards for referrals, enhancing the financial benefits of participating in the Mamun community. Click here for more information on our rewards program.

Risk and Sharia Compliance

What criteria does Mamun use to evaluate investment opportunities?

Mamun evaluates investment opportunities based on financial health, credit history, compliance with Sharia principles, and potential for positive social impact. Visit our dedicated risk page to Learn more

How does Mamun's risk rating system work?

The risk rating system assigns ratings from A to D, reflecting the investment's risk from low to high based on comprehensive assessments of financial, market, and compliance factors.

Who is Mamun’s Sharia Compliance Advisor and what role do they play?

Dr. Saleh Al Kharusi, a respected figure in Islamic finance, serves as Mamun’s Sharia Compliance Advisor. He ensures all financial products and operations adhere strictly to Islamic laws and ethical standards, providing guidance and adjustments as needed.

This updated FAQ provides a complete and informative resource for anyone interested in Mamun's services, ensuring users have access to all necessary information to make informed decisions