mamun Secondary Market

The Mamun Crowdfunding Secondary Market allows buyers and sellers to trade their shares in private companies. The market represents an opportunity for early investors in startups and other private companies to potentially realize liquidity before a formal exit opportunity, and is the only fully functioning early-stage equity secondary market in Oman.

The Benefits


Ability to invest in businesses that closed the funding round
Buy more shares in businesses you already own


The option to convert investments into returns
Re-balance your investment portfolio
Receive funds directly into your investment account


Enable investors to exit when they are ready (even if you are not)
A secondary market makes it easier to attract new investors in future rounds
Relax, mamun's nominee structure means no work for you

How It Works for Buyers?

Buying Process

Buy shares in a business without having to wait for a new funding rounds

  • Choose Share Lot

    First come, first served

  • Make the Payment

    Pay immediately via a bank card or funds available in your investment account

  • Wait for Approval

    We will confirm when the seller has released their signed transfer agreement

  • Shares are Transferred

    Once your payment has cleared, the shares will belong to you and we will record the transfer in your portfolio

How It Works for Sellers?

Selling Process

Investors now have the opportunity to turn their investments into returns without waiting for the business to be acquired, or floated on the stockmarket

  • Request a Sale

    List X numbers of shares in the secondary market

  • Eligibility Check

    We will check whether the shares are eligible to be sold and let you know

  • Confirm the Sale

    If your share lot is purchased, you will need to agree to the transfer

  • Funds Transferred

    Proceeds from the transfer will be deposited straight into your investment account, less the carry and transaction fees