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-The Idea

Understanding Crowd-Lending Crowd or peer-to-peer lending stands as an alternative financing approach that facilitates individuals borrowing from one another.

In Mamun's context, businesses borrow from individual investors. This type of lending typically involves short-term finances without granting lenders or investors any equity in the borrowing company.

Why is crowd-lending gaining heightened popularity?

Eliminates the need for intermediaries, such as traditional financial institutions, streamlining the process for both lenders and borrowers.

Conducts transactions virtually, removing the necessity for in-person meetings.

Accelerates the financing process from weeks to just a few days.

Offers flexible terms, providing more adaptability compared to traditional banks.

Allows for a range of profit rates based on the business credit rating, offering increased flexibility.

- How mamun works

Embark on your Mamun journey in three straightforward steps, opening the door to a new financial future.


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Register as an investor on the Mamun platform. We handle all data integration and verification processes for you - sign up.



Deposit funds to your wallet and initiate investments after completing the signup process. Choose to invest manually or opt for one of our commodity funds.



Retrieve your principal amount and effortlessly earn profits. Mamun ensures the seamless crediting of funds to business bank accounts and timely collection of payments.

- Subscription Plan -

Unlock Your Financial Potential with Mamun's Exclusive Subscription Plans

Tailored for Every Investor – Choose Your Path to Maximize Growth

Discover a world of possibilities with Mamun's Professional and Premium subscription plans. Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned entrepreneur, we have plans crafted just for you. Gain access to public opportunities, curated insights, reduced fees, rewards, and early notifications tailored to your subscription level.

Get started on your journey to wealth and business growth. Choose your subscription plan now!

Get started on your journey to wealth. Choose your subscription plan now!

Features & Benefits
  • Deposit Fees
  • Access to Investments
  • Commission on ROI
  • Rewards
  • Referral Program
  • Early Notifications
  • Deposit Discounts



  • 3%

  • Public only

  • 30% Max

  • No

  • No

  • No

  • Pro rata

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39.99 OMR/Year

  • 2.5%

  • Public & Exclusive

  • 25% Max

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Pro rata

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  • 2%

  • Public & Exclusive

  • 20% Max

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Pro rata

  • Get Started