eDirect Debit

Simplify Recurring Payments, Collections, and Reconciliation Effortlessly with Mamun eDirect Debit Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for Individuals, SMEs, Enterprises, FIs, and Telcos.


Benefits of eDirect Debit

Automated Payment Convenience

Direct Debit streamlines payments, ensuring hassle-free, automatic transactions without the need for manual intervention, minimizing late fees and missed payments.

Flexible Payment Scheduling

Enjoy the freedom to schedule payments according to your financial timeline, granting control over when payments are made, aligning with your income schedule and avoiding financial stress.

Effortless Bill Management

With Direct Debit, say goodbye to the hassle of manually sorting through bills and making individual payments, allowing for efficient, organized, and stress-free bill management.

Dedicated to Payments by Merchants & Payers


Can be cancelled by the Payer, without the receiver's approval. Ideal for subscription bills


Requires the approval of the beneficiary before any cancelation. Ideal to replace paper cheques.

- Compliant with Central Bank of Oman

Integrated directly with CBO systems and adhering to CBO regulations, for Revocable and Irrevocable Direct Debits.

- Can be embedded in any of your channels & systems

MobileApp, Website, Kiosk, CustomerCare Portals

- Integratable with any ERP/CRM/Billing System

for data fetching and automatic reconciliation e.g. billing, CRM, ERP (SAP,Oracle,ODOO,etc)

- Direct Banking

No need for opening new bank accounts. Mamun’s eDD can be designed so that collections for product X can be routed to Bank A, while collections for product Y can be routed to Bank B.

- Access to other Merchants

Individual payers will be able to access to pay other bills of merchants partnered with Mamun.

- Integration with Mala'a

Mamun will come integrated with Mala’a to report delinquent payments, whilst giving access to merchants to screen payers' credit scores prior to registering a mandate.

Features for the modern digital enterprise

Portal for Payers and Merchants to track manage

Lending facilities for Payers & Merchants

APIs for integration

CCustomizable UI/UX for Payers

Encrypted,2Factor Authentication

Multi-level roles for different users

Data Export for automated reporting

Notifications reminders

eDebit plans features

  • Multi-level user roles
  • Por tal for Payers & Billers
  • Encrypted,2Factor Authentication
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Data Export (excel, .CSV)
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  • Multi-level user roles
  • Por tal for Payers & Billers
  • Encrypted,2Factor Authentication
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Data Export (excel, .CSV)
  • Customizable branding
  • APIs for integration
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