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Bid farewell to the days of anxiously awaiting invoice payments. With Mamun, you can quickly access the cash flow you need, empowering you to focus on the growth of your business.

We provide financing for invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and inventory for commodity businesses.

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- How it works -

A swift, uncomplicated, and intelligent solution to boost your liquidity


Submit your application digitally for one of Mamun's financing products.



Mamun evaluates the documents and conducts a risk assessment for the approval of your application.



Once your application is approved, it becomes an active funding opportunity on Mamun's platform.



Once we receive the funding from investors, Mamun will credit the approved amount to your borrower account.



Ensure timely repayment of the borrowed amount to enhance your credit score and establish a lasting solution for your liquidity through Mamun.


- Value Proposition

What's in it for you?

Empower your business to become its own financial stronghold with Mamun. We specialize in providing sustainable finance solutions, ensuring underbanked businesses have immediate access to cash flow. By addressing liquidity challenges, we enable businesses to concentrate on their core objectives—expanding operations and enhancing efficiency. Take control of your financial destiny, share your success with your customers, and embrace a future where you can truly become your own bank.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Say goodbye to concerns about payment delays disrupting your business operations.

Tailored Rates

Each finance application undergoes a unique assessment, resulting in customized rates that perfectly align with your company's profile and requirements.

Simplified Applications

Applying for a finance has never been easier. It only takes a few minutes to complete your application.

Hassle-Free Experience

a seamless process with Mamun, ensuring you receive your cash within days. No excessive paperwork, prolonged waiting times, or unreasonable requirements associated with traditional finance.

Efficient Process

We minimize human interaction by automating every step, providing you with a fully digitized online experience, but when we need to interact we do it with a smile and leave you laughing and smiling.

- Financial Options -

Mamun's Range of Financing Products/Programs

Embedded Finance

Mamun is your all-in-one solution for embedded finance. It seamlessly integrates financial services like payments, finance, and insurance into your favorite platforms, making finance more accessible and convenient than ever.

Revenue Finance

Mamun transforms revenue finance by partnering with key players like financial institutions and payment processors. Seamlessly integrated, Mamun simplifies financial transactions within your operations, optimizing revenue streams effortlessly.

Material Finance

Material Finance accelerates your growth by financing your inventory, freeing up essential cash flow. Unlock the potential of your business without the financial constraints of managing inventory.

Asset Financing

Material Finance fuels your growth by offering flexible financing for your assets. Unlock the value of equipment and technology, allowing your business to expand without upfront costs.

Working Capital

Our solutions provide the financial strength to navigate daily operations, meet short-term obligations, and seize growth opportunities. Stay agile and propel your business forward with Material Finance's flexible Working Capital solutions.

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